Building Blocks

Blocklers offers hours of amusement with endless possibilities to create and bring a child’s imagination to life. Our kits do come with set images on what to build, however they are not restricted to being built only to that... why not try combining kits and building bigger versions?


It can be so frustrating when you put so much time and effort into planning an incursion activity and do not get the maximum results you planned. That's why hundreds of centres continue to book with Blocklers, the kids won't stop asking when we'll be back again! Our block building activity creates a high rate of attendance for incursion programs during the holiday period.


We supply our block building Activities to hundreds of Vacation Care or After School Hour Care facilities each season throughout Australia. Our block activities can be conducted through rain, hail or shine! Making it a very versatile incursion that will never be ruined by weather! A perfect activity for outdoors or indoors.


We have been proudly providing activities for Vacation Cares for 17+ years and are a STUFFLERS Bear Building company.


Let’s give you a SUPER 4 reasons why Blockers should be at your next incursion period! (To keep at your centre or to send home with the kids!)

Blocklers is stress free and creates a great incursion with a difference for minimal effort! Run and/or conduct it how you want!

It is an interactive experience that comes with builder hats and certificates to officiate their works of imagination.

Blocklers beats any other basic incursion! They get to take home a brand new keep sake that works with any leading block brands in Australia.

Blocklers doesn't come with the hefty price tag of other leading block brands and is completely compatible with them.

Predominantly suited for children aged from 3 – 12 years of age, however older children often get enjoyment from our kits too! This is a popular interactive activity that has stood the test of time all over the world. Block build has even made its way to TV, movies and digital games!

Blocklers will deliver a variety of kits in our super "ALL SORTS" kits. We have BOYS, GIRLS & NEUTRAL kits available, supplied as a random selection of a minimum of 6 different designs. From Princess Castles to a Pirate Ship, we have something for everyone! Others include; Army, Supermarket, Sports Centre, Ambulance, Transformers, Princesses, Farm yard, Police Station, Racing Car, Dinosaurs and more!


Every kit is supplied with a trusty Construction Hard Hat and a certificate. Each kit contains 300 or more pieces, some even having 400 pieces! Most kits are combo’s, allowing them to transform between 2 -5 different designs. Delivered in individually packed plain packaging with clear instructions and images.


We offer specially kits for the Christmas holiday season. Check out our super cute 200 piece kits in the five different designs; Snowman, Sleigh and Reindeer, Christmas Tree, Reindeer and Santa. Perfect as a little Christmas activity during this time of year. Additionally we have our Brickmas Tree Hangers that are super affordable extras when your order other Christmas activities.


Check out the offers we have for your centre in our Block Building Catalogue.