Bear Building Fun

Say goodbye to flimsy crafts or entertainers. Kids love Stufflers. We're sure that when you were growing up you had a Bear or Animal you loved so much, it's a totally different experience when you get to bring your best friend to life with a hand stuff activity! 


It can be so frustrating when you put so much time and effort into planning an incursion activity and do not get the maximum results you planned. That's why hundreds of centres continue to book with Stufflers, the kids won't stop asking when we'll be back again!


We supply our Bear Building Activity to hundreds of Vacation Care or After School Hour Care facilities each season throughout Australia. Our activities can be conducted through rain, hail or shine! Making it a very versatile incursion that will never be ruined by weather! A perfect activity for outdoors or indoors.


This activity creates a high rate of attendance incursion activities during holiday programs. Our teddy bear building is offered in a nice variety of activities, such as Backpacks, Pillows and Slappers. Additionally we offer special season activities such as Easter Bunnies and a Christmas Collection. We even have Animal Hats and Cat n Dog pillow stuffing activities for those animal lovers!


Enjoy an absolutely memorable experience of bringing a new best friend to life. From a traditional every day Teddy Bears to magical creatures such as dragons and unicorns. Bring children together by conducting a Teddy Bear Building experience at your Vacation Care Centre or After School Care, for a very popular incursion activity.


Our Backpacks make a great activity for children who would enjoy utilising the backpack to pack and use regularly. Stuff them, then pack them! They come in a colourful selection of Boy, Girl and Neutral designs. Only supplied in a randomised assorted selection.


Stufflers is making sleep FUN with our Standard and Exclusive Seasonal Stuff-A-Pillow range. The kids will love lounging around on their super-soft plush pillow that they hand stuffed and built them on their own! Stuff A Pillow is one of popular activities and utilises as both a stuffed toy and a comfy pillow. During Easter and Christmas we release a limited range of pillows.


Say hello to our super PAWsome Dog & Cat Pillows and Animal Hats, which we're sure will be a favourite with the kids... and the adults! Use your imagination and bring your very own furry friend to life. We guarantee this will be an activity the kids will cherish way past the activity date. Perfect for any centre filled with animal lovers!


Brand NEW, Slappers is a super CUTE and interactive activity. The children can wear their new best friend and take them everywhere. Supplied in a random assortment of our 5 different designs, the children can pick out their choice, hand stuff, place a love insert inside then fill out a birth certificate to make it official. 


We supply all the required stuffing you need to conduct each activity at your own pace and when you like! Additionally each Stuffler will come with their very own love insert or love insert activity and a Birth Certificate to officialise their creation. Our stuffing activities are easily sealed with Zip Ties and Velcro. No stitching involved!

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Seasonal Activities only available during their respective holidays.