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Stufflers is the LEADER in providing fantastic school Vacation Care holiday program activities. We have an amazing range of various DIY activities and projects ready to go. We do much more than just Teddy Bear building or stuffing activities! Not only this, our activities are affordable with prices as low as $6 per unit! You can’t go wrong with those prices!


It can be so frustrating when you put so much time and effort into planning an incursion activity and do not get the maximum results you planned. That's why hundreds of centres continue to book with Stufflers, the kids won't stop asking when we'll be back again! Our DIY activities create a high rate of attendance for incursion activities during holiday programs.


We supply our DIY Activities to hundreds of Vacation Care or After School Hour Care facilities each season throughout Australia. Our activities can be conducted through rain, hail or shine! Making it a very versatile incursion that will never be ruined by weather! A perfect activity for outdoors or indoors.


Some of our more popular activities include, but not limited to the following!


DIY Ukulele’s is a super fun interactive activity that is sure to find the next new star among you! The kit comes dissembled with bulk paint allowing the Ukulele to be custom painted to bring their imagination to life. After painting you can piece it all together and perhaps host a fun lesson on how to play a Ukulele!


Fossil Digs are perfect for the little Indiana Jones & Dora the Explorers attending your vacation care during the holidays.  This is a fabulous activity where they dig & discover for up to 4 hours to unearth their very own Brontosaurus, Gems, T-Rex or Stegosaurus.  This makes for a very inexpensive, fun and long lasting activity.


Russian Dolls aka Babushka Dolls, is a set of 5 wooden dolls that decrease in size to fit inside each other.  Kids will love to create their own themes.  Boys & Girls can choose from thousands of different designs. They can work from printed examples or let their imagination run wild. Simply wait for them to dry and watch them have hours of fun stacking and un-stacking them inside each other.


Only released at the end of last year, our DIY Kite kits were a hit! The children can colour in printed designs with paint, then once dry they can fly them outside for endless fun! Each kit additionally contains a small paint pallet and string to bring their kite to life outside.


Magic Sand is a great way for kids to use their imaginations.   Build anything that pops into their heads using the moulds and carving tools.  Magic Sand flows and shapes just like wet sand, but leaves surfaces completely dry and mess-free.  Magic Sand is totally reusable and it never dries out. Perfect for long term use at any centre.


Additionally we release season specific limited activities for Christmas and Easter.


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